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WN Network ranks as one of the top sites for World News on the Internet, reaching around 15 million unique web users in the average month.
WN continues to rapidly expand its user-base and has more than 40 million page views/month.
The bulk of this traffic is generated by and - which account for approximately 30% of Network users.
WN traffic naturally spikes when important breaking news occurs.
Our users represent a highly attractive demographic: affluent, professional and well educated with enormous buying power. 65% of our readership comes from the US. That said, the WN Network includes more than 20,000 sites and covers 38 languages:

The wide scope of WN offers advertisers a unique opportunity to domain target their audience worldwide; by region, country, city, industry or language.
This guarantees that an advertiser's message is successfully delivered to the right audience - wherever they may be.